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General format

  • Bowel gas pattern
    • Large and small bowel and free gas
  • Abnormal gas collections
    • Biliary gas, retroperitoneal gas, bowel wall gas
  • Abnormal calcification
    • Gall stones, renal tract, pancreas, vascular
  • Viscera
    • Liver, spleen, kidneys
  • Retroperitoneum and abdominal wall
    • Psoas lines, abdominal wall muscles and peritoneum
  • Bones
    • Lumbar spine, pelvis, proximal femora, ribs

Image gallery

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Normal AXRs


Abnormal AXRs




Acknowledgement: revise4finals would like to thank Dr Niall Moore (John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford) for providing the images and explanations used in this section.



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